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The Guánica Lagoon was an important ecosystem in southern Puerto Rico before being drained in 1955. It originally acted as habitat for a variety of native flora and fauna and protected the Guánica Bay by acting as a filter of sediments and nutrients. Through this NOAA funded project, Protectores de Cuencas will work closely with communities and technical experts to restore the lagoon. The project team is confident the restoration will promote biodiversity, reduce flooding threats to nearby communities, protect the Guánica Bay ecosystems, and improve socio-economic conditions in the area. 

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The project team will work closely with communities to receive feedback and ensure the project is aligned with their necessities. 

Experts in hydrology, topography, economy, agriculture, and conservation will provide their expertise by conducting studies that will also inform the final project design.

After a final project design is developed, Protectores de Cuencas will implement the restoration of the Guánica Lagoon. The project team expects to plant at least 40,000 native trees in the area.

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