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Various Watersheds

Landscape Conservation and Management of Avian Communities in North Central and West Central PR

Funded by: PR-DNER

Period of Performance: 2020-2024

Summary: PDC will implement restoration practices that will contribute on reducing forest fragmentation by engaging private landowners on enhancing forest areas and improving habitat connectivity within the matrix that separates three important natural reserves – Río Abajo, Maricao and Guajataca State Forest. 


Building Capacity and Evaluating Marine Protected Areas in Puerto Rico

Funded by: NOAA

Period of Performance: 2022-2024

Summary: This project will evaluate 27 Marine Protected Areas (MPA) located within Puerto Rico. In a two-year period, PDC will collaborate with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) to enhance and strengthen capacity for the DNER Ranger Corps, and to work with local partners to implement and update MPA plans. 


NOAA CRCP5 Partnership

Funded by: The Nature Conservancy

Period of Performance: 2021-2023

Summary: Watershed Learning Exchange Network.

More information can be found here.


Stream Connectivity Restoration Initiative in Priority Rivers of Puerto Rico

Funded by: USFWS

Period of Performance: 2021-2025

SummaryRío Culebras, Río Espíritu Santo. This project will be a continuation of the ongoing aquatic habitat connectivity initiative in Puerto Rico in collaboration with CESFO’s Coastal Program, the Southeast FAC Programs, CLCC, DNER and University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM). The main goal is to restore and enhance aquatic habitat and overall ecosystem integrity for the benefit of native aquatic species by augmenting the available habitat and maintaining stable populations and habitat suitability. 


Joint Chiefs Landscape Scale Restoration Initiative

Funded by: USDA FS and NRCS

Period of Performance: 2022-2023

Summary: "Increase Ecosystem Resilience in Eastern Puerto Rico through Effective Conservation Management Practices", focus on the Río Grande de Loíza. The proposed project is part of the Landscape Scale Restoration Initiative to Establish Biological Corridors and Restore Ecosystem Functionality after the Impact of a Major Hurricane in the Caribbean Area, which is a collaborative initiative between the USDA Forest Service, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Distrito de Conservación de Suelos y Aguas del Suroeste (DCSAS), Cafiesencia, Inc., Protectores de Cuencas Inc., and the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust – Para la Naturaleza. PDC duties include propagating native trees to be delivered to project participants and propagating and planting Eugenia haematocarpa at El Yunque National Forest (EYNF). 


Propagation and Establishment of New Populations

Funded by: USFWS

Period of Performance: 2019-2024

Summary: Full project title is  "Propagation and establishment of new populations of endangered Eugenia woodburyana and threatened Stahlia monosperma and continue with the on-going monitoring efforts of the Cooperative Recovery Initiative in southwest of Puerto Rico". This project will focus efforts on the propagation and establishment of new self-sustainable populations of Eugenia woodburyana and Stahlia monosperma to enhance habitat for wildlife in private lands within the Guánica and Susúa Commonwealth Forests footprint. This project will also continue with ongoing monitoring efforts of the Cooperative Recovery Initiative in southwest Puerto Rico.







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