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Río Guayanés

Accelerating Recovery and Increasing Resiliency of Coastal Wetlands

Funded by: DOI Bureau of Reclamation

Period of Performance: 2023-2026

Summary: PDC will collaborate with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) and the Maunabo Pro-Development Committee (MPDC) to actively restore and increase the resiliency of highly damaged coastal wetlands in Punta Tuna Nature Reserve (PTNR) through the establishment of sustainable hydrology, reforestation of native wetlands, and restoration of coastal habitat.


Coastal and Wetland Restoration of the Punta Tuna Wetland in Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Funded by: DRNA-PMZC

Period of Performance: 2021-2022

Summary: PDC increased coastal wetland habitat resiliency in the Punta Tuna Natural Reserve through the establishment of sustainable hydrology, vegetative restoration of native wetland species, and coastal habitat restoration. 







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