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Río Guanajibo

Boquerón State Forest - Pitahaya Dirt Road Stabilization PHASE I

Funded byPR-DNER

Period of Performance: 2022-2023

Summary: PDC will complete the planning phase for this project by assessing and evaluating the Pitahaya Dirt Road conditions and will recommend best management practices for its restoration.


Mangrove Restoration in the Cabo Rojo Salt Flats, Puerto Rico

Funded by: 11th Hour Racing

Period of Performance: 2023-2024

Summary: PDC will hold various meetings with wetland experts as a way to share knowledge and experiences, and will restore 20 to 30 acres of wetland by planting 3,500 mangrove trees.


Nature-based Interventions to Address and Mitigate Effects of  Natural Disturbances

Funded by: USFWS

Period of Performance: 2021- 2024

Summary: Full project title is "Nature-based Interventions to Address Hurricane Effects & Mitigate Current and Anticipated Effects of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Communities, Natural and Cultural Asset in Las Salinas de Cabo Rojo". PDC will work collaboratively with USFWS to complete the planning, implementation, and maintenance phase for the restoration of the Fraternidad and Candelaria Lagoon. 







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