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Río Grande de Patillas

Technical Assistance and Management Tools for Landowners in Southeast Puerto Rico

Funded by: USDA-NRCS

Period of Performance: 2021-2024

Summary: PDC, in collaboration with the non-profit Center for Landscape Conservation, will conduct site visits and develop a work plan to evaluate Patillas at a HUC12 watershed level to define and identify conservation and management practices that should be considered or recommended. 


​Wetland Restoration at Palmas Pond, Arroyo, Puerto Rico (Phase I)

Funded by: USFWS

Period of Performance: 2022-2025

Summary: PDC will collaborate with the USFWS to engage private landowners in the restoration of the Palmas Pond wetlands and will conduct analyses to develop a preliminary project design. Funded by USFWS. To Be Completed 2025.







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