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La Parguera, a coastal town of 26,000 people, and is home to some of the historically most diverse and extensive coral reef assemblages in Puerto Rico.

Stormwater runoff from the hillside town and streets flows directly into the tidal waters and mangroves carrying high levels of pollutants that are damaging the nearshore coral reefs.

In order to address land based sources of pollution Protectores de Cuencas in collaboration with Ridge to Reefs and the community of La Parguera created a Green Infrastructure Plan that consists of a set of actions and conceptual retrofit designs for best management practices to address stormwater runoff at specific discharge points to capture and treat or filter stormwater before it enters the tidal waters and nearshore coral environment.

Currently the project is on the implementation phase. Protectores de Cuencas assisted in successfully implement three green infrastructure projects. Their role was to assist in the structure design and oversee the stabilization of two parking lots and the construction of an infiltration gallery.

We anticipate to continue implementation efforts in collaboration with the Lajas Municipality and other contributing organizations.