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Protectores de Cuencas Inc. helped lead efforts in Culebra, to complete a community based Watershed Management Plan, meeting EPA’s A-I Criteria for Watershed Planning.  We conducted outreach efforts to engage the community in the preparation of the watershed management plan including the fieldwork, early implementation actions (where over 100 volunteers have participated in efforts to address sediment and nutrients from stormwater runoff and bare soils), and water quality and tracking fieldwork in collaboration with DNER, and monitoring coastal waters and tracking sources of contamination on land and in small drainages on the island with residents, agencies and students from the University of Puerto Rico. 

The effort identified over 20 sources of contamination on this small island with 1900 residents and is working with EPA, PRASA, USDA Rural Development, and the municipality to address the sources of contamination which include: leaking sewage, failing septic systems, an underperforming sewage treatment plant, and illicit discharges from schools, residences and businesses.  As part of the Culebra Watershed Management Plan PDC has led the implementation efforts at Tamarindo Beach to stabilize bare soils and control stormwater runoff through green infrastructure projects including the construction of rain gardens (incorporating native species in the landscape), stabilized a bare soil parking lot area, and built concrete swales to reduce stormwater runoff.